Industrial Pipe Cleaning


Industrial pipe cleaning services and raw water pipe cleaning is usually one of the easiest ways to improve production. Even the smallest irregularity or debris inside of a pipe will reduce product flow. Reduced capacity puts unnecessary load on the pump system. Our raw water and industrial pipe cleaning techniques adapt to various applications.

Technology and Performance

G&R Mineral Services, Inc. always looks for the latest and greatest technology in the industry. As a leading industrial pipe cleaner, we have the ability to clean lines from 1 inch to 36 inch with minimal entry points. Our Rotary Hose Device allows us to navigate through several 90 degree elbows and run long vertical distances from one location. Our specially designed water collection system allows us to manage waste water flow with full containment.

Industrial Pipe CleaningNuclear Industry Demand

G&R Mineral Services, Inc. has been successful in servicing the increased demand from the nuclear industry to reduce dose in high RAD areas. Our system allows us to remove unwanted RAD waste while holding ALARA as a top priority. The techniques we implement keep our personnel safe from the high dose radiation area of the line.

Regular industrial pipe cleaning is a great way to restore pipe capacity and ensure long term integrity.


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