Water Blasting/Hydro Blasting


Water-Blasting or Hydro-blasting can clean some of the toughest materials in your facility. G&R Mineral Services, Inc. understands the advantages of this technology and we continually invest in the newest, state of- the-art equipment. G&R Mineral Services, Inc. Water-Blasting / Hydro-Blasting fleets and seasoned field technicians effectively remove the toughest deposits from boilers, tanks, exchangers, condensers, vessels, pipelines and any other surfaces requiring superior water-blasting results up to 40K P.S.I. “Big Water” pumps, utilizing up to 700hp are used to produce high volumes of water at low pressure to flush air pre-heater fly ash, or lance plugged drain lines efficiently. The sheer power of these units allows several rotary nozzles to run at once while cleaning utility boilers. They can also power multiple handguns or lances when cleaning large condensers or evaporators.

Online Water-Blasting / Hydro-Blasting:

G&R Mineral Services, Inc. also provides online slag removal utilizing either our T-Bar system or our water canon system. These systems have proven successful at removing slag from boilers while minimizing or eliminating down time. This enables your facility to maintain efficiency while limiting forced outages.

Air Pre-heater Washing:

G&R Mineral Services, Inc. provides specialized Air Pre-Heater service utilizing the most advanced and productive equipment.  By combining the optimum pressure and volume water blasting equipment combined with our automated indexing system G&R Mineral Services, Inc. provides unmatched results.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pumps to 700/hp and 200 GPM
  • Infinite Nozzle indexing
  • Double or Triple Nozzle Configuration
  • RPM Control System
  • Powerful, Safe, Deep Cleaning
  • Simultaneous Basket Washing
  • Waste Water Neutralization
  • Top and Bottom Washing
  • Horizontal or Vertical Washing